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Get Addicted to Prospecting

This is an excerpt from my book: The Politically Incorrect Real Estate Agent Handbook

When prospecting feels good, it’s likely to become routine.
When prospecting is routine, it’s unlikely to become neglected.

Ever notice how you always find time for your addictions? Morning coffee, guilty-pleasure tv shows, and three-martini lunches are a routine part of your life, and you can’t get enough. That’s because when it feels good, we want it more and more. When the thing that feels good is also good for us, our lives change—for the better.

Routine prospecting is good for you and it’s good for your clients. Habitually speaking to lots of people about real estate gives you options, allowing you to be choosey when selecting new clients. Signing only the most-qualified principals (instead of just anyone who says yes) leads to a higher client turnover rate (CTR) and increased client satisfaction. You will make more money with less hassle and your clients will think you’re good at your job. Happy clients are more likely to refer your services to others, which further pads your prospecting efforts, giving you even more options. Plus, an agent with a steady flow of potential clients is unlikely to provide desperate agency, pushing clients into closings just to cash-in a commission. Therefore, a healthy addiction to prospecting keeps commission breath in check.

All good junkies have a ritual. Make yours challenging, rewarding, and fun. Retreat into your prospecting booth with only your prospecting kit: phone, numbers to dial, pen & paper, your scripts, your goals, and your weekly schedule. Leave your personal life and business woes outside the door. Clear the booth of clutter and distraction; only you and your precious addiction are invited in.

Get out your scripts, give them a refreshing read-thru, then display them neatly for quick reference. Look at your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Make needed adjustments, then post your daily discussion goal on the wall, written large, with thick marker. Unfold your weekly schedule and place it within arm’s reach. Your pulse should begin to quicken; pick-up the phone and dial the first number. A rush will wash over you: anxiety, excitement, and hope. This mix of emotions may be uncomfortable at first, but it’s completely healthy. Don’t worry. You’ve prepared for this moment, so relax, but keep an edge. Stay on-task, and document every effort.

Just like anything else, the more you prospect, the better you will become. The better you become, the more likely you are to become addicted, doing it everyday. When you’re new, don the façade of the addicted. Realize that each call won’t be perfect, but you must be present each time. Give yourself to the experience. When it hurts, laugh it off. When it’s good, get some more.

It’s only once you’re ensconced daily, for hours at a time, that you will begin to feel confident and in-charge of the situation, each and every phone call. Eventually, you’ll feel a jones for the phone zone. Don’t stop now. It feels good and you want more.

Prospects come in all types, shapes, and sizes. Try them each and find the kinds that really do it for you, but be careful: don’t give-up too quickly on a particular type, as the most challenging prospects are usually the most fruitful. Fruitful results will keep you going.

Aside from the financially-fruitful, the stress-relieving, and the sweet, endorphin-releasing benefits that daily prospecting provides, some agents require additional motivation to keep their addiction. If this is you, try self-gifting and reward yourself when weekly goals are achieved. Perhaps you thrive on challenge. If so, find other prospecting junkies and make friendly wagers on results.

When you prospect daily, everyone wins: you win, your clients win, and your family wins. So, grab your kit, settle into your booth, and spread some good about. It feels great!


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