The Politically Incorrect Real Estate Agent Handbook:
A Serious How-to Manual with a Sense of Humor

WARNING: This book is not about politics, nor does it promote being a jerk; however, victims, wimpy-minded, and lazy people will hate it.

Wow! This real estate handbook is not like the others: it has flow charts and over 100 common (and not-so-common) real estate agent tasks—presented as simple, step-by-step recipes. And it has pictures. And it’s funny (or at least grin-worthy). In other words, it’s comprehensive and not boring.

Day One in Real Estate

The best part is: as a collection of brief articles, this book is easy to digest in small bites; however, because real estate tasks are so interrelated, each article is heavily cross-referenced. This way, the reader may delve deep into any topic (or train of thought) by either turning the page or by following a cross-reference. Such layout makes for easy navigation now and in the future, because you’ll wanna return to certain articles over and over again. So, you can read it from cover-to-cover, or you can choose your own real estate adventure, reading only the bits that fit your current curiosity.

How-to Look Like a Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re a new real estate agent or are in need of a business boost, what you need now is this entertaining guide to real estate sales. If you buy only one real estate agent book, make it this one; you’ll carry it with you everywhere.

You will learn:

  • How-to choose a broker who fits your needs
  • How-to maximize your prospecting efforts (including 105 ways to meet prospects)
  • How-to pre-qualify buyers and sellers (so you don’t waste time on duds)
  • How-to discover what your buyers really want
  • How-to show property and help your buyers decide
  • How-to conduct a slam-dunk listing presentation
  • How-to attract buyers to your listings
  • How-to draft offers/create contracts/negotiate (including low-ball and multiple offer situations)
  • How-to get your clients to the closing table
  • How-to avoid commission breath and ensure you get paid
  • How-to study the marketplace through statistical analysis
  • How-to valuate real property and pick The Right Price
  • How-to business plan/track agent stats/identify and alleviate bottlenecks
  • How-to create a niche for more income
  • How-to create and practice scripts
  • How-to create and refine systems
  • How-to banish victimhood and take charge of your real estate sales business
  • Plus much, much more!

Flow Charts include:

  • agent’s daily routine
  • the buyer transaction
  • the seller transaction
  • real property valuation (finding fair market value)
  • pricing

Please Be Scripted

Author Peter F Porcelli Jr
Copyright © 2017
ISBN 978-0-9989608-0-7
LCCN 2017913855
Dimensions 7in. x 10in. x 0.8in.
Weight 1.8lbs.
Page count 370
How-to articles 100+
Comprehensiveness Total
Fun Off-the-Chart
Bottom line This book is thick and meaty and includes a robust cross-reference system …and it has pictures, too. It won’t make you coffee, but it will make you a better agent. Nice.
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The Politically Incorrect Real Estate Agent Logbook:
A Daily Journal, Activity Tracker & Stats Generator

WARNING: This is a fill-in-the-blank book… on steroids!

For those looking to take control of their business. It’s simple: open to today’s page, record your thoughts and daily activities. Then, once a quarter, add your sales data and extrapolate your statistics. In doing so, you will gain insight and identify your bottlenecks to growth. These same stats are then used to calculate your monthly goals.


You will track:

  • discussions had
  • presentations given
  • clients signed
  • contracts written
  • transactions closed
  • outbound referrals
  • education (learning points)
  • comparison of your performance to the marketplace

Stats you’ll generate:

  • discussion turnover rate (DTR)
  • presentation turnover rate (PTR)
  • client turnover rate (CTR)
  • return on presentations (ROP)
  • return on transactions (ROT)
  • return on clients (ROC)
  • return on days worked (ROW)
  • lost opportunity differential (LOD)
  • database leverage rate (DbLR)
  • listing leverage rate (LLR)
  • and many, many more…

Like a real estate coach in book format, this publication will put (and keep) you on the right track!

Author Peter F Porcelli Jr
Copyright © 2018
ISBN 978-0-9989608-1-4
Dimensions 7in. x 10in. x 1in.
Weight 1.8lbs.
Page count 476
Calendar dates included 366
Comprehensiveness Complete
Fun Better-than-average
Bottom line This book is designed to help agents take control of their businesses.  Excellent.
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