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One-on-One Coaching
Georgia Continuing Education (CE) Classes
Sales Meetings/Agent Gatherings
Speaking Engagements


One-on-One Coaching

Ideal for: new agents, new-ish agents, and agents needing a kick in the ass.
Price: $400 per month (cheap!)
Location: wherever you are, via telephone
Details: I will help you set your own, personal income goal, with a business plan. Then, we’ll develop a prospecting plan, buyer & listing presentations, scripts, and systems. Once that’s done, I’ll hold you accountable to your (self-imposed) goals with weekly phone calls. As time passes and you put our plan to work, we will continue to discuss your hurdles & bottlenecks, and we will refine your systems, scripts, presentations, and negotiating skills.

Contact me with your questions or to get this party started.

Georgia Continuing Education (CE) Classes

Ideal for: Brokers and Event Sponsors
Location: your choice
Details: I come to your office (or other meeting space), and administer a fun and engaging educational experience. Agents (typically) love my style because I’m not boring. Time will fly by as each students’ (otherwise dreaded) three-hour CE requirement becomes a learning experience that is easy to recall. I teach actionable methods to improve agent skills. Who wouldn’t love to learn ways to make more money?

How-to Make Prospecting Fun
Course #69240

Contracts 101
Course #69241

The Art of Prospecting: FSBO & Expired Listings
Course #69388

Perfecting Your Listing Presentation
Course #69390

Business Planning for Real Estate Agents: Goal Setting, Activity Tracking & Statistical Analysis
Course #69276

The Art of Prospecting: Overcoming Objections
Course #69389

All CE classes are administered through The Realty Schoolhouse, Georgia Real Estate School #8011. State law prohibits brokerage recruiting at CE events.

Contact me if you wanna host a class; check the training calendar if you wanna attend one.

Sales Meetings / Agent Gatherings

Ideal for: Brokers looking for valuable content
Price: FREE. I’ll dance for my supper, but you gotta let me hawk my books and coaching program.
Location: the site of your gathering
Details: Let me speak to your group of agents, and I’ll kick them in the butt with some motivation to prospect, inspire them with a powerful new script, and/or instill confidence with some insight into better presentations. I will dazzle your agents with cautionary tales, witty anecdotes, and fun facts—all designed to raise their productivity; the whole thing will be a blast!

Agents: if you wanna hear me speak, refer me to someone who hosts real estate agent gatherings (and thank you in advance).

Contact me to schedule our date.