Would you take Real Estate advice…

from this guy?

Well, maybe you should.
Hi. My name is

Peter F. Porcelli, Jr.

and I’ve been around the track a few times.

I’ve been a real estate agent, broker (with 100+ agents), coach, instructor, and author. I’ve been there and done that, and now I’m on a new mission:
I wanna raise the respect and competency of the real estate sales industry.

To facilitate my mission, I’ve written two books and I teach agents through live classes and one-on-one coaching. I want you to be a better agent. I want you to enjoy your work, and I want you to make lots of money. Join me, and let’s get go there together.


Craving content
with a sense of humor?

Hello. I’m your guy!

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And always remember:
If prospecting feels like begging, then you’re doing it wrong.